VINCENT PAUL YONG studied electrical engineering at Monash University before he became
a self-taught photographer. In 2004, he decided to go fulltime as a freelance photographer
establishing the now defunct fishingvillage. Upon graduation from the school of hard knocks,
he spent many years fine-tuning his favourite photography discipline – the portraiture.
In 2006, he founded studioverve to further establish his work, which later grew into a
multidisciplinary visual production that ranges from art to design with photography
as his main medium. Vincent’s vision has always been for his photography to tell
stories and for his writings to paint a picture.

Born and based in Kuala Lumpur, he derives his inspiration from the juxtaposition
the city offers – where leaves and concrete meet, where religion and vice co-exist
and where prosperity and poverty come together.

Vincent is very much an avid practitioner of the minimalism movement – where less is more,
and often argues for minimal digital retouching as he believes that a photograph shouldn’t be
doctored too far apart from its original function – that is to preserve a subject’s timelessness.
A photo shouldn’t lie. Known for his keen eye for detail, his photography sometimes daring,
always interesting has graced many covers and editorial stories in many publications and works
for clients. His work has been described as a clash of wit and elegance.

He frequently twits his rants over at